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  • Diploma in Nail Art & Technology


    Diploma in Nail Art & Technology

    Course Information

    Learn the exclusive techniques of nail design and what is deemed as industry’s “secret”on the world of Nails Galore! Be educated and groomed to become the best in the industry.

    Modules include:

    • Manicure and pedicure
    • Acrylic nail system
    • Gel nail system
    • Freehand nail art
    • Airbrush nail art
    • Advanced nail art

    The nail tutorial will have face to face demonstrations followed by hands-on practice sessions, working on models and nail tips.

    Students will study the theory of all treatments as well as the anatomy of the design nails.

    Contra-indications and recognition of skin diseases and disorders are also a vital part of the tutorials as well as the underpinning knowledge and skill required to successfully perform the treatment.

    Individual project is required to be completed and submitted before exam. The project is used as an internal assessment of nail art designs practical work.

    This will ensure that each student understands the rationale for the technique and choice of design used in order to complete the project.

    The completed project will have to be verified by the tutor-in- charge before submitting to the principal or department head for grading.

    Courses are conducted according to modules and are examined concurrently.

    The examinations will be conducted on two separate days and consist of the following:

    • Full set Manicure and Pedicure practical exam (120 minutes)
    • Clear Gel Tip Overlay practical exam (90 minutes)
    • Permanent French Overlay practical exam (75 minutes)
    • Fancy Nail practical exam (120 minutes)
    • Theory Paper 90 questions (60 minutes)

    Course Commencement


    Grading of the qualification

    i. The Practical Exam has to achieve at least a pass grade of 50%.

    ii. The Theory Paper has to achieve at least a pass grade of 50%.

    iii. The Theory grade will be combined with the Practical grade to achieve an overall three grade that students may achieve:
    Pass Grade – 60% to 74%
    Credit Grade – 75% to 84%
    Distinction Grade – 85% and above

    iv. If a student is unsuccessful in any area, they will be expected to re-sit only the area where they have not achieved a pass grade, to which they will be referred. Referrals should be completed within 6 months of the original examination. Extensions to this time-frame must be applied for in




    Entry requirements & Course Fee

    i. Minimum age: 16 years old

    ii. Minimum academic qualification: Academic/Vocational level: Three credits at GCE ‘N’ Level or PSLE and Certificate of Proficiency in Basic Manicure & Pedicure, or equivalent.

    iii. Language proficiency: Pass in English or Mandarin at PSLE or equivalent

    Duration: 4.5 months (subject to adjustment as per individual student’s requirements)

    Course Fee: $2900 (inclusive of full training kit worth $800)