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  • Make-up Essentials – Product Advisory


    This programme is a WSQ competency-based certification programme that will enhance learners competencies in the following aspects of make-up essentials:

    • Recognise the different types of face, eye, cheek & lip based make-up products
    • Analyse different skin types and skin tones to select the appropriate foundation and colours
    • Learn the principles of contour and highlight to accentuate different facial shapes and features
    • Apply make-up confidently with the appropriate tools and techniques
    • Combine and blend colours to create the desired look
    • Project professional image and good communication skills to build credibility and rapport
    • Provide recommendation and advice on make-up products



    Training Hours: 12 hours classroom (2 days) + 4 hours e-learning

    Call us at 6737 0208 or email us at colours@theschoolofmakeup.com for the schedule.

    For registration, please go to: http://www.brandingthroughpeople.com/makeup

    Assessment methods:

    Practical Performance (PP) – 60 mins

    Role Play (RP) – 30 mins

    Oral Questioning (OQ) – 30 mins

    Course Fee: $500

    The fee shown here represents the full fee payable without any

    funding/subsidy. Please check with us for funding/subsidy availability.