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  • Diploma in Professional Make-up


    Diploma in Professional Make-Up in Singapore

    Course Information

    1. Base/Preparation Work

    • Preparation before Make-up
    • Foundation Application & Nose Shading
    • Corrective Make-up (Contour Highlight & Shading)
    • Blusher Application
    • Eye Enhancement
    • Eyebrow Shaping
    • Lip Shaping
    • Concealing

    2. Basic Make-up Look

    • Leisure Day & Night Make-up
    • Theory on Lighting
    • Nude Look
    • Theory on Colour Combination & Co-ordination

    3. Advanced Make-up Look

    • Bridal Day & Night Make-up
    • Bridal Fashion Make-up
    • Bridal Studio Make-up
    • Black & White Make-up
    • Theory on Studio, Fashion and Black & White Make-up
    • Theory on Corrective Technique on Different Eye Shapes & Problems

    4. Period Make-up Look

    • Period Make-up `60s
    • Period Make-up `70s
    • Period Make-up `80s

    5. Specialized Make-up Look  Part I

    • Make-up for Male (stage & photography)
    • Make-up for Elderly

    6. Specialized Make-up Look  Part II

    • Make-up for the Exotic
    • Make-up on Bespectacled

    7. Creative Make-up

    • Double Eyelid Illusion on Single eyelid

    8. Complimentary Techniques  Part I

    • Basic Manicure for Bride
    • Basic Bridal Flower Arrangement

    9. Complimentary Techniques  Part II

    • Current Trend Make-up
    • Personal Make-up Coaching on Client

    Classroom demonstrations followed by hands-on practice sessions, working in pairs.

    All students have to go through an examination after completing the training.

    Individual project is also required to be completed and submitted prior to examination.

    The examination consists of the following:

    • Natural make-up practical exam (30 minutes)
    • Sophisticated/Photographic make-up practical exam (45 minutes)
    • Theory Paper 50 questions (60 minutes)

    Course Commencement

    No New Dates Available

    Grading of the qualification

    i. The practical exam has to achieve at least a pass grade of 50%.

    ii. The theory paper has to achieve at least a pass grade of 50%.

    iii. The project must also achieve at least a pass grade of 50%

    iv. The theory and project grades will be combined with the practical grade to achieve an overall three grade that students may achieve:
    Pass Grade – 60% to 74%
    Credit Grade – 75% to 84%
    Distinction Grade – 85% and above

    v. If a student is unsuccessful in any area, they will be expected to re-sit only the area where they have not achieved a pass grade, to which they will be referred. Referrals should be completed within 6 months of the original examination. Extensions to this time-frame must be applied for in writing.

    Course Fee & Entry requirements

    Course Fee: $2000

    Duration: 4 months

    i. Minimum age: 16 years old

    ii. Academic/Vocational level: Three credits at GCE ‘N’ Level or PSLE and Certificate in Professional Make-Up, or equivalent.

    iii. Language proficiency: Pass in English or Mandarin at PSLE or equivalent