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  • Certificate in Professional Make-up


    Course Information

    1. Base/Preparation Work

    • Preparation before Make-up
    • Foundation Application & Nose Shading
    • Corrective Make-up (Contour Highlight & Shading)
    • Blusher Application
    • Eye Enhancement
    • Eyebrow Shaping
    • Lip Shaping
    • Concealing

    2. Basic Make-up Look

    • Leisure Day & Night Make-up
    • Theory on Lighting
    • Nude Look
    • Theory on Colour Combination & Co-ordination

    3. Specialized Make-up Look Part I

    • Make-up for Male (stage & photography)
    • Make-up for Elderly

    4. Complimentary Techniques Part I

    • Basic Manicure for Bride
    • Basic Bridal Flower Arrangement

    Classroom demonstrations followed by hands-on practice sessions, working in pairs.

    All students have to go through an examination after completing the training.

    The examination consists of the following:

    • Natural make-up practical exam (30 minutes)
    • Sophisticated make-up practical exam (45 minutes)
    • Theory Paper 100 questions (45 minutes)

    Course Commencement

    No New Dates Available

    Grading of the qualification

    i. The Practical Exam has to achieve at least a pass grade of 50%.

    ii. The Theory Paper has to achieve at least a pass grade of 50%.

    iii. The Theory grade will be combined with the Practical grade to achieve an overall three grade that students may achieve: Pass Grade – 60% to 74% Credit Grade – 75% to 84% Distinction Grade – 85% and above

    iv. If a student is unsuccessful in any area, they will be expected to re-sit only the area where they have not achieved a pass grade, to which they will be referred. Referrals should be completed within 6 months of the original examination. Extensions to this time-frame must be applied for in writing.

    Course Fee & Entry requirements

    Course Fee: $1100

    Duration: 2 months

    i. Minimum age: 16 years old

    ii. Minimum academic qualification: PSLE or equivalent

    iii. Language proficiency: Pass in English or Mandarin at PSLE or equivalent