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    Makeup is not just skin-deep- it is also an extension of one’s personality. Depending on how it is done, it can make or break a particular character or look.

    Make-up is also a good mood lifter and helps to increase self-esteem. People feel empowered through make-up as it allows them to have a say in their own self-image at any given time. Make-up is, of course, also a highly creative process. Through the clever use of colours and products, a variety of styles can be achieved to project a different image to suit each occasion, be it natural, gothic or chic.

    Our technical expertise, sense of colour, high quality course materials, creative nuances and personal touch are what makes a make-up education with us different. We work on this philosophy: There are no perfect women, but only beautiful ones, and every woman can be beautiful.

    Come learn with us and be inspired!

    Certificate of Proficiency in Basic Make-up Artistry

    Certificate of High Proficiency in Make-up Artistry