Professional Hairstyling Course

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Certificate of Proficiency in Professional Hairstyling

Certificate of Proficiency in Professional Hairstyling


Course Information

We provide a complete course on Bridal, Fashion and Photography Hairstyling. You will learn the individual styling methods which you will be able to combine to form your own creations.

1. Traditional Styles 

  • Classical Bun
  • French Roll
  • French Twist
  • Messy Bun
  • Semi-up
  • Chignon

2. Styling Methods

  • Curls
  • Loop Rolls
  • Twist
  • Braiding
  • Use of Hair Padding
  • Use of Hot Curling Tongs
  • Use of Crimpers
  • Use of Heated Rollers

3. Others

  • Styling for Men
  • Styling for Elderly Female
  • Styling for Short Hair Female
  • Quick changes from one hairstyle to another
  • Use and placement of bridal veil & hair accessories

Course Fee

Duration: 13 Lessons (7 Days)

Course Fee: $950 

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