Personal Make-up Courses

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Personal Make-up

Personal Make-Up Classes in Singapore

Course Information

1. Foundation Application

  • correct selection based on individual base tones
  • proper concealing depending on individual needs

2. Recognising Individual Features

  • importance of shading and highlighting
  • proper blusher application

3. Corrective Make-up

  • reshaping of individual eyebrow
  • reshaping of individual lip shape
  • reshaping of individual eye shape (using surgical eye tape & false-lashes)

4. Analysis of Individual Colouring

  • proper colour co-ordination & combination

5. Different Make-up Looks

  • day & night leisure make-up

Tips will also be given on :
* Common make-up mistakes
* Quick and effective change from day to evening make-up
* Latest make-up trends

Course Fee: $300

Duration: 4 hours*

* 1 tutor to 1 student

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