Can A Make-up Course Help You To Hone The Skills For A Natural Bridal Make-up?

A profession as a make-up artist has its own attraction when compared with the other career choices.


Can A Make-up Course Help You To Hone The Skills For A Natural Bridal Make-up?

A profession as a make-up artist has its own attraction when compared with the other career choices. In order to excel as a make-up artist, you need to showcase your creativity and hone the skill of hands. This is the reason why a considerable number of people are seeking an appropriate make-up course in order to excel their career. If you are looking for the same, then you have come to the right place.

When we talk about brides, we emphasize mostly on their looks. This is precisely the reason why bridal make-up is regarded as a tedious job to conduct. A make-up artist needs to be skilled and well informed about all the current techniques which are in practice. He or she can be a creator of a beautiful bride to be or can make a horrible mess of it. That entirely depends on the skill level of the make-up artist.

So, can a make-up course prepare and help you to hone the skills for a bridal make-up? The answer is a definite yes. As I said above, a make-up artist needs to be skilled. For mastering the skills, the aspirant would require some sort of training. This is where the role of a make-up course becomes vital.

In this post, I have pointed out how exactly a make-up course in Singapore will help you to achieve the skillsets you require to function as a natural bridal make-up artist. So, let’s get started.

How Attending A Make-up Course Can Help?

A fine question to start with as this is a cardinal thought when we are choosing our career path. How is that going to benefit your career or your personal development in this industry? That is exactly what I am going to list in this section. Go through these pointers carefully so that you will be able to understand and prepare yourself for what is in store and what you can achieve by attending a make-up course.

It Helps You Gather Module-Based Information

Now, you must have seen a doctor goes for a formal education before attaining any real practice. This is same for a make-up artist as well. In order to be effective and ready for every type of client you might face in your future, you must understand all the challenges and rudimentary elements of make-up. This can be essentially be achieved by going to a make-up class. To conclude this point here is the thing I want to say, “To Spell a 4-letter word, you must know the alphabets”.

For a natural bridal make-up, you need be to clear with some of your fundamental concepts. Natural beauty comes from within. Similarly, a natural make-up must be minimal but it needs to be accurate. A module based knowledge can really be beneficial as a foundational structure to approach any type of client with different skin tones and aspirations for their “big and most day of their lives”.

Get The Exposure Of The Real World Scenario

When you sign up for a make-up course, you will get trained by the make-up professionals, who are seasoned with lifelong experience in the make-up industry. You will be learning all the hair-lined details from them and better understand the client’s requirements. All the different techniques you should adopt with respect to the nature of the client. Details like that cannot be found on an online make-up blog. So, the initial hand-holding by your tutors and the subsequent exposure to the marketplace are very important in your development as a make-up artist and you can get that in a make-up course.

In the case of bridal make-up, there are many scenarios where blunders can happen. You don’t want that experience while you are handling one of your own clients. A make-up course gives you enough exposure to hone your skills in which it will help you to understand the variety of specifications given by the clients about their desired looks.

Learn About The Skin

You can find loads of blogs and YouTube videos about how to use a shade for a specific skin type. However, it is not possible to generalize it to the needs of everyone. This is the reason when you join a make-up course you get constructive, deep knowledge and understanding of exactly how you need to collaborate with your clients on their make-up requirements. This can really be taught by someone who already has had ample of experience in every possible scenario in the real world. You will be guided superbly.

In the case of a natural bridal make-up, skin tone is pivotal. Use a wrong foundation and you will be trouble. A make-up course will make sure that you understand the concept of skin tones and shade of contours.

Powerful Application Techniques

If you choose a make-up course in Singapore, you will have a chance to work on the stances where techniques are more important than anything else. The right technique is the first thing to innovation. I know you can mold it when you become a professional make-up artist but before molding a technique, you need to learn it whether it is a contour application or a simple foundation application technique. You need a prolonged experience where you can learn. This is the reason, a make-up course is your salvation.

In a Natural bridal make-up, there are requirements on how you apply your methods. Once you hone those techniques, you will face no problem in the bridal make-up arena.

Connect To Potential Clients

When you sign up for a make-up course, you have a chance to get connected to the real bridal world. A make-up course can help you build a portfolio of your own that will connect you to the rest of the marketplace. Apart from that, you will also be given chance to attend the different events that will sharpen your make-up skills and increase your experience which will help you to understand the bridal make-up world subtly.

A make-up class demonstrates a lot of bridal make-up. In fact, we have an entire course just for bridal make-up. So, these classes will certainly help you in building a strong portfolio you can be proud of and which in return will give you potential clients for the future.

There are many make-up courses in Singapore for which you can sign up and specialize in bridal make-up. Enrolling in these classes will help you to learn all the theoretical and practical aspects needed for this field. The trick is to choose the right one that will suit your learning curve and maximize your creative potential.

Need Of Training For Bridal make-up?

The School Of make-up will help you to benchmark your skills and help you grow in the make-up industry. We are considered as one of the best providers of professional make-up courses in Singapore. We offer plenty of professional make-up courses, professional hairstyling courses, professional nail courses and other make-up certificate courses which will give you exposure in any of the fields you want to venture into your career.

The power of make-up is within you”, all you need is to discover and develop it. Let us help you with that, be it bridal make-up or professional make-up. Contact us to know more.

That is all for now. I hope you like my post. Please leave a comment on what exactly you are facing with your journey to start off in a make-up career or if you are looking for a career advice in this area. With more than a decade of experience in the field, churning out many successful students who are thriving as make-up artists, It is our core belief as an instituition, we are more than competent to give correct and valuable insights to help you succeed confidently in this field.

Till then, have a wonderful day ahead and all the best for your future!


Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017

There was a deserving euphoric end to this year’s Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017, which had an initial bumpy start.



There was a deserving euphoric end to this year’s Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017, which had an initial bumpy start. On the coronation night, the 18 finalists raised the temperature in the grand ballroom of Concorde Hotel in Singapore, where event was held and made it come alive with their fun and hot dance number of ‘Bang Bang’, opening the show with a bang indeed!

The School of Make-up is once again proud to be part of this important event and render our make-up expertise to beautify the eligible ladies participating in the event. Our talented make-up artists team backstage was busy tending to them meticulously from 2pm onwards, prepping the girls for what might be one of their biggest night ever in their lives. They were mostly relaxed and chatty, did not show any sign of nervousness, despite knowing that they have to be on the stage in the next few hours and that they will be scrutinized by the public and media. Kudos to all 18 of them!

4 titles were given out all together during the prestigious event delighting the audience present. The winners of this beauty pageant will get the opportunity to represent Singapore on the international platform with their respective titles in 2017/2018.

  • Miss Singapore Chinatown 2017 – Christina Cai
  • Miss Singapore Tourism Queen 2017 – Tricia Koh
  • Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen – Amanda Li
  • Miss Grand Singapore 2017 – Crystal Lim
  • First runner-up – Queenie Sia
  • Second runner-up – Katelyn Tey

The School of Make-up would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizer ERM Singapore Marketing Pte Ltd for inviting us to participate in this fantastic event and we look forward to more such engagement in the future.

We wish all winners an amazing and meaningful year ahead and may all of you fly the Singapore flag high and make us proud!

It’s not the appearance, it’s the essence. It’s not the money, it’s the education. It’s not the clothes, it’s the class.” – Coco Chanel