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  • Our Trainers

    Peter Angel Wanneck affectionately known as Angel to his students and clients in his over 20 years of career, is the founder of The School of Make-up (TSMU). Angel is also a celebrated figure in the Singapore media and fashion industry, and an acclaimed make-up artist to celebrities across Asia.

    On the homefront, Angel is actively involved in various charities and non-profit organisations. He uses his influence to instil the value of giving back to society.

    Besides imparting his students with the essential knowledge and skills, he also gives practical advice and share invaluable experiences with them. Whenever he is in the class, laughter and fun follows. His presence alone makes the entire atmosphere lively and an enjoyment for one to be around.

    Angel came from a very humble background and like most people, he started his career from scratch and continuously strive to be the best in everything he do. With an aptitude for learning, he continued to hone his knowledge and skills. He is certified by international examination boards such as the ITEC, CIDESCO and CIBTAC.

    To many, he is not only a trainer or teacher but a friend, mentor and respected individual who have touched their lives in his own unique ways.

    Agnes Lee holds an ITEC Diploma in Fashion, Theatre & Media Make-up and is a certified EzFlow Educator.  She was also a graduate of the school and as one of the main trainers, she is invaluable to the school and students in many ways. Her charisma and selfless sharing are vouched by students who had been under her teaching. Be it the latest make-trend or advice, Agnes will not hesitate to share.

    Adeline Goh is a dedicated trainer and asset to the school. She holds an ITEC Diploma in Fashion, Theatre & Media Make-up and is a certified EzFlow Educator. Adeline has been a trainer with the school for over 17 years and knows the works at the back of her hands. She is a proficient, down-to-earth and encouraging trainer to her students.

    Julia Ong is a passionate and committed trainer who is always willing to share her knowledge and experience with the students. Besides holding an ITEC Diploma in Fashion, Theatre and Media Make-up, she is also experienced in bridal, fashion and special effects make-up. She is currently a part-time trainer with the school.