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  • Feedback/Grievance Policy

    All students upon enrolling with The School Of Make-up will receive a Student Handbook which outlines all relevant procedures including the settlement of disputes.
    The School Of Make-up strives to resolve all student grievances within shortest possible time.


    The School Of Make-up believes in fair resolution of disputes involving students.

    If a student wishes to forward a complaint relating to any matter within The School Of Make-up, he or she may approach any of the senior staff
    (Principal/Administration Manager) and lodge the complaint.

    The student will thereafter be granted a private meeting with any of the senior staff to discuss the issue.

    During the meeting session a Complaint Form will be issued showing all relevant details i.e. name of student, nature of complaint etc.
    (Complaint Forms are made available to students.)
    Anonymous complaints will not be entertained.

    The matter will then be discussed internally and the student will be privately informed of the status of the complaint investigation and eventual outcome of
    the complaint as well as the remedial action taken by The School Of Make-up within 21 days of complaint lodging.

    If the student finds the outcome and remedial action satisfactory, he/she will be asked to sign off on the Complaint Form thereby acknowledging settlement of the dispute.
    The complaint is then considered resolved.

    Should against all expectations The School Of Make-up be unable to resolve the complaint with the student, the matter will then be referred to
    the Singapore Mediation Centre or Singapore Institute of Arbitrators for further mediation.