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  • About Us

    Founder of The School of Make-up

    Peter Angel Wanneck (Manager)Make-Up Artist, Chief Beauty Instructor, Perfectionist
    Peter Angel is the founder of The School of Make-up with a longstanding experience in the entire spectrum of beauty. Apart from providing the students with essential knowledge in their chosen course fields he continuously stresses the importance of self-confidence and promotion, as well as a firm business sense.

    His vast array of professional knowledge in the beauty industry coupled with his unique
    teaching style make him a highly sought after Training Instructor.

    General Professional Experience:

    • Teaching Professional Make-Up, Hair, Nails and Beauty Classes
    • Skin Care seminars
    • Product Awareness programs
    • Product Promotional Evaluation and Consulting
    • Beauty Products marketing Concepts

    Corporate Clients:

    • L’Oreal Singapore, intensive professional make-up course for staff.
    • Luxasia Pte Ltd, hands-on grooming training session
    • YYMCA Singapore, professional make-up course for youths
    • ERM Singapore Marketing Pte Ltd, make-up for beauty contestants (Mrs Singapore
      World, Miss Singapore, Mrs Singapore and Classic Mrs Singapore,)
    • Beam Artistes Pte Ltd, make-up for Manhunt contestants
    • Single Point Of Contact Pte Ltd, make-over for participants – SDN Dating Fest: Let’s Click
    • Action X Pte Ltd, make-up for runners – Zombie Run event
    • Royal Brunei Airlines, personal make-up training for cabin crew
    • ABN Bank, image and personal make-up program.
    • Estee Lauder Cosmetics Pte Ltd, intensive professional make-up course for staff.
    • Luxasia Pte Ltd (product distributor for branded beauty products), beauty training
      program, customized sales image training
    • Salon “Chez Vous”, image and customer service training
    • Cosmetic Laboratories Singapore, beauty product awareness program for sales and marketing teams
    • Taipei Beautrec. Inc, intensive training course on professional make-up. Initiating of
      beauty concept for marketing purpose
    • Kose Distributor, Indonesia, intensive training course for product application
    • Her World, Cleo, Women’s World, Motherhood, & Female Magazine, make-up for models
    • TV Commercials, various make-up for actors
    • Make-up for Singapore recording artists
    • Make-Up for international recording artists
    • Star Productions, stage make-up
    • Theatre Work, performance make-up
    • Lyrics Theatre Singapore, stage make-up
    • The 6th Singapore Girls Brigade, introduction to personal skin care and make-up
      marketing outlets, supervision of promotional staff aspects
    • Television Corporation of Singapore, training for personal make-up – acting group
    • Television Corporation of Singapore, provision of make-up manpower program for Television episodes
    • Super Model of the Year Contest Singapore, personal make-up program
    • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, image and personal make-up program